Wednesday, 29 April 2015

This Jayne Was Never Plain

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Jayne was born in Leicester England; during her early childhood she lived in Burma and India; in adult years she moved from the UK to Australia. Throughout her life, Jayne experienced and conquered some huge life challenges including:
• teenage rape
• a ‘backyard’ abortion
• a physically abusive schizophrenic husband
• the abduction of two children
• a marriage to a paedophile

In 2005, Jayne’s life was turned upside down by discovering that she had stage four ovarian cancer. Author, Fraser J Harding, recounts the experiences and challenges of Jayne’s adventurous and turbulent life including her final challenge with cancer. Fraser was married to Jayne for almost seven years, half of that time Jayne had the cancer ‘time-bomb’ ticking in her body. Those three plus years were ones of challenge, discomfort, pain and despair mixed with hope, optimism and adventure.

Jayne’s whole life was one of courage and determination and, in her latter years, it was one of unswerving faith in the God of the Bible. Even after being diagnosed with terminal cancer, Jayne took on the position of Joint-Administator of a national charity which she fulfilled with seeming boundless energy and enthusiasm.

Fraser describes Jayne as “the most remarkable person I have ever known”.